Tuesday, 15 October 2019


I’m not going crazy; I wrote this yesterday and time caught up with me and didn’t get chance to post it. So, here we are Tuesday, but this was yesterday. Smile.

It’s Monday and a new start to a new week but this week is going to be really tough for more reasons than one. It’s going to be painful, challenging and worrying.


It’s funny I was meant to be seeing a spiritualist next week but she called me today to say she has to cancel her appointment and make it the next day…. It’s a long way from here too.


I must say, I have never met this woman, but I am looking forward to letting you all know what she is like as seriously, she sounds a right miserable lady. Very serious and doesn’t have any phone manner. As for her Husband, gosh, he is ten times worse… in my experience spiritualist people are normally so warm and friendly.


I have booked tickets to another concert for February next year. I got four of the last as it’s a sell out. And again, it’s not for your normal kind of music.


My brother and sister in law are enjoying their cruise and they managed to get off the ship in Hong Kong. I am amazed with all the troubles they have had that was allowed to happen.


What’s in our news? Well our Queen is to make a big speech later on today. So, lets see what she has to say?


In one of our prisons a Paedophile has been stabbed to death…. I shall remain a lady and not comment at this point… but I will say just shows, our news isn’t always bad news.


If you live in the UK and live near a green space, you can expect an extra two and a half thousand pounds on your property when selling.


Apple are going to release a new iPhone that will be just and I say just loosely as you can pay over a thousand pounds, but for under £400, you are going to be able to buy an iPhone…


A top Doctor in the UK has requested a ban on snacking on all public transport. I wonder if that will include flights and trains???


By the way, did you know the national animal of Scotland, is the unicorn? Of England it’s the Lion and France is rooster. Spain the bull. Hmm. Then give them some respect please? Russia’s national animal is the brown bear. America the bison and the bald eagle. Canada is the beaver. Italy is the wolf and India, the tiger.

Just saying…


I have been reading what colours are going to be in fashion this winter and I have to say I love them. Bright red. Yellows from mustard yellow to vibrant, banana or butter yellow. All kinds of purples like lavender and deep purple. And a colour I love is caramel. Beiges and neutrals are in fashion and I think a nice deep beige or caramel will look lovely with a splash of bright red, what do you think?

Looking at the top ten viewing countries today, here are the top five.

United Kingdom 140,117

United States 126,921

Russia 10,957

Canada 10,375

Germany 8,149

Hanging in there in tenth position is South Africa. They have been ninth for at least a year. But been pipped at the post by 150 views.

And now onto news of Retinitis Pigmentosa. Here are some links you may be interested in. This first one is great as it’s for all kinds of RP as most of you who have RP will know there are many kinds so, to find a possible treatment for all kinds of our eye disease is a great step forward.










Friday, 11 October 2019


My Sons bedroom has just been decorated and what a brilliant decorator. You know if you are an old reader, as in been with me for some time rather than age, I have no luck when it comes to workmen, but this guy has done some work for us before and he is the best.


In my head I love the colours I have chosen for his room. A little bling going on but hey, it’s my boy….


It’s beige with glitter in the paint. The carpet will be a light beige and the ceiling lampshade is like a silk material of different shades of creams and beiges. Curtains I have not thought of yet.


We had an amazing joiner doing some work in there and what a great job too, so happy something good has happened.


A couple of nights ago, Hub and I went out to a concert that has been booked since Christmas last year. We met with our really great friends Geordie and David. Went for a delicious meal at an Italians and then onto the concert. Such great company and of course the first song were a hymn that reminded me of my lovely dear friend Kinzie. Oh, the words were just so perfect for her. Hub and I had tears. It was really odd. The very first hymn the guys sang. My darling Kinzie would have loved that concert.


 Oh, I had tears for her today not a good thing when I have a workman in my house, but I was able to disguise them quite well with years of experience from my past. “The soul would have no rainbow, if the eyes had no tears!”” We are meant to allow our tears to water the seeds of future happiness, heck, I should have an abundance of blooms in that case and my life should be full of only joy.


Last night Hub and I went out with our other friend to a play, so thankfully we really have been kept busy this week. Oh, it was a good play and as always, our friend was great company. Her lovely Husband rescued us as we were going to get a bus home but the rain was dirty and constant. We walked about three streets to the bus stop but then he called my friend and said he would come for us. Bless him, as he had been up for so many hours and worked all day. It’s a twenty-minute drive into our town. His car was so warm and comfortable. I was wet right through. I wore a summer pink trouser suit with a cream lace top, but I was caught in a blizzard of water.


Hub and my Son are going over our boy’s CV tonight as he has to apply for his own job. Everyone is going to be made redundant so those who are saved will be lucky. I hope my boy will be OK but he is the last one in, normally that is the first out, but his bosses really like him and our boy does so much work for them that is way beyond his job title. Listening in to what he is writing, oh, wow, his English vocabulary is tremendous. I am so proud of my Son and what he has achieved so far in life with regards jobs. Hub and I have done OK with him and there are people in our world who say things like how can blind people be good parents? Well I have friends whose kids have done really well in life we are just like parents who are sighted, only our lives are more challenging, but we can achieve and give our kids the ability to do as well or better than we have been able to. And just like parents who are sighted, we can fail our kids, but in general I think we push them more to achieve more because we want the best for them better than what we had.  But boy, getting to this stage hasn’t been at all easy. I still remember the early days when I tried to teach my Son how to write. Obviously, I was totally blind at that stage too and I had to try to describe the shape of letters to teach my Son. I also bought those plastic magnetic letters the kind you stick on a board, they are great as if you know what printed letters feel like, then you can feel the shape of those. If you read Braille, then you could get someone who can see to help you to stick Braille letters on the plastic letters if you are not sure about print. And I’m sure there are so many things you can now buy to help you if you are blind and your child can see. Way back then I didn’t know anything about what there was out there. My dream was to read to him at bedtime but sadly that wasn’t to be. If only I had learned Braille as there are some brilliant children’s books you can get. But again, I am a Braille failure. So, I used to put on puppet shows with all his cuddlee’s. each toy had a different voice I just had to remember which toy had what kind of voice. I remember one night I was rather tired and I held my Sons huge gold dog. In my head, he had always been a Scottish dog. He was very naughty and my Son loved him the most. I forgot to put his accent on, but I did do his deep voice… My three-year-old said. “Mummy, that is not Rodger!””

I stopped thinking what did he mean, it was his gold dog, it was the Scottish one, I replied what do you mean darling, it’s Rodger, look? He replied no mummy he doesn’t say that like that. He says it like this, and then he went on to pronounce a word in a really funny way that was my Sons impression of a Scottish accent.  So how a child can really get into something. I used to feel as if I had put on a play for him every night and just wished that I could pick up a book and read it to him. I wish I had someone who could have done that for me sometimes but moreover I wish I had learned Braille but I guess there wasn’t much time to do that in the space of me going blind when he was one to the time I half accepted I should have learned Braille to the time before he wouldn’t just lay there and listen to his Mum reading to him.


But who knows, may be that is why my Son has such a caring personality, because his teddy Sarah was the one with morels and Rodger used to be the one who did things wrong. My stories always used to make my boy laugh and always had a happy ending with a lesson. I’m not too sure all story books do that…


Nothing planned for the weekend, how about you? My Sons girlfriend Shamrock got her nails done during the week and my friend is getting hers done today. She is talking about getting a dark maroon with the ring finger a silver sparkle. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? Sham was telling me the trend for the summer among young people was bright yellow or green. Gosh, not sure about those colours, are you? Though in my younger days I may have liked the yellow as that was my favourite colour to wear.  But now I think I would stick to the maroon and sparkle.


OK here is a bad story gone well. A 91-year-old man who was a fire fighter and Policeman had £15,000 conned from him by phone hackers has had pay back from the public. Kind of a thank you for all the amazing work he did as a firefighter and Policeman and in 24 hours, some members of the British public raised money to replace all of the gent’s money that was taken from him. People who never even knew this man. Total strangers. This shows the kindness of people still in a world that seems to be coming less caring.


Well as the night now closes and the sky tells me it’s too cold to be outside, I thank goodness I have a warm house and I’m grateful for my loving family and dear friends, I’m so pleased we have our Blogget family too!


Forget your troubles and let this blissful night lull you into a peaceful sleep.

Tomorrow starts with a blank page. Put pleasant thoughts in your mind so you can start to write beautiful chapters tomorrow!

© Fiona Cummings














Wednesday, 9 October 2019


Hello Dear Bloggets

Last weekend I was so ill with the flu. I’m still not too good but better. Hub still isn’t too well we have both had bad health over the past couple of weeks and to top it all off, I received the worst news on Sunday. I wasn’t shocked by it, as I think it would have taken a miracle for there to be any positive outcome but when I heard the news, a heavy blanket fell over me and I just couldn’t get out from it.


My Dear friend Kinzie gave up her battle to live on Sunday. And I am left so angry. This year has been a tough one as last year was too, but to have this happen? She was the person for 18 years, I turned to for advice, love and caring thoughts. She was someone my tiny family of my Husband and Son loved so much. She was Hub and my Mum and my Sons Grandmother since all three of us have none of them to our own any more, she kind of filled that gap. She is someone I have cared about for 18 years. A huge part of our life. My darling Son is so worried about her Husband. He is such a kind lad. And I must admit I’m worried too. I just hope I wish, the best for him and their daughter who has been a rock since my lovely Kinzie has been in hospital. She has kept in contact even when she was abroad as living far away hasn’t been easy.


Hub and I were sitting in our lounge on Sunday evening and he just said to me. Its really odd, people are just getting on with their lives, laughing, joking and totally oblivious to the pain we are going through and many other people right now. I remember thinking that same thought when my own Mum died. Our baby was only a year old and my house felt like a ditch and the soil was being shovelled in on top of me. I had to get out for my Sons benefit, so I took him to a soft play where children, parents and child minders laughed, and went on their merry way. I sat there and thought the same as my Husband did the other night. Life is really odd. Here I am feeling this total pain thinking I will never be able to smile again let alone laugh, when others don’t care. But the thing is, I have had over fifty messages via emails, texts, messenger and social media saying the kindest words. A lot of you have said you are praying and I totally believe in mass prayer, I have written about this before. And I think your kindness has gone a long way to help to start a healing process.


I just hope to goodness my dear friends Husband will be OK, thank goodness he has his daughter. Bless them both.


My friend has been there for me for so many years now. she has been the person I have really needed for so many reasons. We used to see each other every single day. Then I moved so it was less but we kept in contact by phone at least three times per week and then I moved again much further away but we still got to see each other at least three times per year and again, kept in contact by phone. I keep going to the phone to call her and of course, I can’t. I cry then somehow find strength to carry on. Mainly because I hear her voice shouting at me. She didn’t stop with how she felt and let me know. She never held back her feelings. That is the love and respect I had for her. She knew me so well, and I her. Like my Husbands Mum, I hope where ever she goes now in our universe, she finds a much better life but more over I hope she finds peace. I’m sure our beautiful dogs who she adored will find her and I hope there are no dog biscuits in her world otherwise our dogs will be humungous as my Kinzie loved to be a feeder.


Like my own Mum, she loved the birds that came to her garden. She spent a fortune on them. Just like when my Mum died, one of my first thoughts was, who will feed them now?


She left her much loved dog Sally. She will stay with her Dad my friends Husband. He will need her now. but poor Sally will be so sad, as our dogs do grieve.


Each time a bit of my heart is broken, I wonder if that is how we die of old age, because our hearts disintegrate until there is nothing left to work our body. I think what I have been through in life, my heart will represent a rag that has been chewed by a Pitbull.


Anyway, life goes on.

And on and on. I hope for many more years but I hope for happiness to find me and no more deaths please for so many years. But I have also learned that genuine people really do help. It’s rare to find a genuine person, but when you do, hang on to them. The warmth I have felt by such kind friends and my closest family of late has been so powerful, almost as if our maker has been talking to my heart and soul.


My Sons bedroom is getting decorated. We have our great painter here who fixed the mess the last decorator did from last year. He also did our bathroom and he’s great. I’m so pleased and relieved we have found a person we can trust to do a great day’s work. Why is it that every good tradesman I find is so much older than me? Meaning I should, outlive them. Or, is it because their generation are much more honest than the young guys?


I have horrific eye pain and have had for three days now. it’s like a high heel from a shoe is being pushed into my eyeball.


I’m out tonight with our great friends Geordie and David. We are going to an art gallery to see a couple of classical singers. And tomorrow out again to the theatre to see a comedy with another friend. Then let the countdown begin for our Sons holiday to America. Bless him, he is working so very hard. Leading up to his holiday, he is working fourteen days in a row over time every day too. Last night he looked absolutely exhausted and so tired of life. I will keep praying for him.


For whatever reason, I get very spiritual at this time of year. If you look back at October and November posts you may find blogs suggesting this. In a couple of weeks, I am going to see a spiritualist and I hope she has some answers for me.


A shout to my big brother and sister in law. Hope you both have a great holiday. Happy birthday to you. Thank you as always to Louise. I’m forever grateful to you.  and my poem to my dear Kinzie.

Every birthday and Christmas no matter what I bought her, she would only ever thank me for her vouchers for M&S. Bless her, I used to tease her saying if not for her, Marks & Spencer would go out of business…. Hence a part of the poem.




I didn’t get to say goodbye

Well at least you didn’t see the tears I cried

I hope you didn’t feel alone

I really tried

Walls were built and shadows followed

Your life was taken and swallowed

I keep picking up the phone

Then I realise you won’t answer

The smiles and sadness as I pass your favourite store

Marks & Spencer

I just want to knock on your door

Hug you tell you I love you

I hope you knew how much you meant to us all?

Who’s now going to catch me when I fall

Who’s going to tell me to hold my head up tall

Fly high with the birds you loved so much

You have gained your wings with the hearts you have touched

You were always there for me when no one else was

You were my surrogate Mum

Our dogs loved you, to them you were fun

And you were the Grandparent to our Son

I feel for those you have left behind

Your daughter and Husband

I pray peace they will find

And good company they will keep

I pray by day you will walk in the gardens of heaven

And by night you will sleep

In a bed so comfortable

And you will never weep

You will never face trouble

And your path will be smooth, without rubble

Sing with the angels and watch them dance

Upon clouds for a stage

I’m sure like ours, their lives will be enhanced

By your wisdom and love

Dear Lord above

Take care of my Dear

I hope one day we will be together again

As she to me, was more than a friend


© Fiona Cummings





Friday, 4 October 2019


Today is my Husbands birthday. He’s working of course. When our Son comes home, we will celebrate but, in the meanwhile, he has received my gifts to him. I think my brother in law and his wife, have sent a card but we will read it after Hub finishes work. We use Seeing a.i. on our iPhone sometimes it will read cards at least enough to get a rough idea who they  are from.


Waggatail has been such a good girl today. We went to the Nurse to get a blood test for me. Urg! Then we had to go to the Drs reception to book another appointment for Hub. So, in two and a half weeks he will go there. I ordered prescriptions and then went to the chemist and then the shop. Finally, back home and her work was perfect. Thankfully it stopped raining but my hair and face were soaked. How? Trees. Overhanging. My dog slows down sometimes stops, but unless we walk on the road, we can’t avoid them. And boy, they were really wet from the rain that fell during the night.


Yesterday I had a great afternoon with my beautiful friend my Footballers wife. Hahaha. Bless her I really should give her name. We met with her other two friends Jo and Sarah. We went to see Downton Abbey. Oh, it was lovely. I took my earphones and was so fortunate to get a tiny box that gives people who are blind audio description. Gosh, it’s almost so emotional to receive such a gift. To be able to hear the beautiful description of the magnificent scenery buildings and exquisite ornate interior of the queen Ann furniture, the gilded chairs and Victorian lamps and little things like descriptions of expressions on faces things that those who can see won’t even appreciate that they are able to see. If only you knew how lucky you are to be able to see things like expressions. Words are not used to see someone is angry, sad, sly, happy or shocked. Guilty or in love. May be the last two expressions together. Haha. What is it they say, guilty pleasure? I really miss that about seeing, but now we have a voice in our ears telling us what is going on and I am past the stage of grief of losing my sight and into the phase whereby I can except a description as when I first went blind, I didn’t want or wouldn’t want if it was available back then, a person telling me what was happening, I wanted to know myself.  And that was robbed from me. I was so angry. Now I am grateful to have audio as now I at least hear what people are wearing, and I know when someone is in a house for example in a movie hiding behind  a door something that is kept quiet in a film but people who can see will know about, we as people who are blind wouldn’t have a clue.  I can laugh when others laugh and be able to chat about the movie afterwards in fact sometimes being able to know more than my friends who are sighted. It’s the best feeling. Of course, nothing will give me more pleasure than actually being able to see, but for now at least I am thankful.


And now a blog spot I would like to talk about, something I was reading a couple of weeks ago. A lady who moved from New York in the USA to England. The differences between living in both countries. Firstly, she was amazed just how lovely the food is here and how inexpensive our groceries are, really? Gosh, the food I am not surprised about but our groceries are getting so expensive, but obviously not as much as in America.


She loves our news as she wrote we get much more information in England than she did in America news from all over the world.  Sadly, she wrote “The drinking culture is more pervasive in the UK compared to the USA. Drinking culture? Culture is something to be proud of, I wouldn’t link drinking alcohol with culture, though of course it’s a phrase. And sadly yes, I think my friend Trix and I are the only two women I know who don’t need to get drunk to enjoy themselves. All of our friends drink so much. Last night we went out with our two friends we go out with every week and she had eight brandy’s and a whisky. Oh, my word, her insides will be rotten.


95 per cent of the public in the UK, probably include a drink before going anywhere and in most places, you can eat, you can also drink. I’m so not sure how this crept up on us or has it always been around, just I never knew as my parents were tea totals.


This lady wrote she never gets sick of the cobbled stone streets and the seaside towns, the countryside and the villages as well as the architecture of old historical buildings like the vast amount of castles, cathedrals and so on. Because of course the USA is so much larger than England, so in England the lady found it more homely and accessible. I guess if you have a car and can drive, England is perfect as you can get to the seaside in a couple of hours max in some cases minutes. Fantastic shopping in our cities and peace all within minutes or as I said, a couple of hours. My American friends talk about going for a drive and it can be five six hours to their destination, gosh, that would get us from one side of the country to the other end.  We are a tiny country but with too many people on our little island.


Where the lady lived in America for her two-bedroom apartment cost her almost $1900 per month but in England to rent a two-bedroom house with a drive way and garden costs her quarter of that. Again, though it depends where she lives in England. If she lived in London, then I think her apartment in America would be less.


Though the UK is so much smaller than the US, the writer said she feels like she can get to more places in the world as we are a train journey from London to France, she can get to Italy in less than  a couple of hours, Germany is close and Iceland is only three hours away, and by ship places like Norway and more.


The lady wrote of how amusing she found our snacks that can’t be found in America, like Shrimps and bananas…. hahaha, I did smile when she wrote this. By the way, they are not what you may think they are. In fact, they are sweets. Candy. They taste like bananas and raspberries. And what we call crisps I think our cousins in America call potato chips, come in many flavours. Apparently one of the top favourite flavours is prawn cocktail. Oh, I really don’t like them but they are popular. Worcester sauce, pickled onion, roast beef and onion and marmite to name a few.


Scotch eggs. And you can buy vegetarian ones too in a very small version. So, what is a scotch egg? A hard-boiled egg, covered in spicy sausage meat then rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried until the crumbs are crunchy.


A drink is Ribena made from blackcurrants oh and it’s lovely. Apparently, blackcurrants are not a popular fruit in America, wow, I love them. As well as this popular drink, we make jam from them.


Wine gums. A treat that children eat they are meant to resemble the aftertaste of a fruity wine. Personally, I don’t agree I do like them but I think like many treats across the world, they are made from animal bones like gelatine.


And some of our foods that are typical English are a full English breakfast. Normally includes Bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes or baked beans, hash browns and black pudding. I when a child and I ate meat, loved black pudding but as soon as I learned what it was, oh my, I gave it a wide birth.


Bangers and mash. Sausages and I think England do the best sausages in the world, mash potatoes with gravy, our gravy isn’t what you guys in America call gravy.


Fish & Chips Cod or haddock wrapped in batter which is a mixture of flour, eggs and milk then deep fried with the chips you may call fries.


A must with your fish & chips is mushy peas. Or rather than fish just have what we call a chip butty, delicious hot chips sandwiched in between two slices of bread and butter. Yum absolutely delicious


We have Sunday lunch which is as many veg as you can cope with roast potatoes, mash potatoes with butter and Yorkshire puddings which are my favourite and if you eat meat, what ever you wish to have but the traditional meat to eat with your Sunday lunch is beef.


Toad in the hole is sausages cooked in the oven with the batter of Yorkshire puddings poured over the top and cooked again in the oven.


Steak and ale pie is beef stew, with a gravy made with ale and a flaky pastry.


Eton mess is normally raspberry or strawberries and crushed Meringue and thick cream.


So, I shall leave you with those thoughts, not sure about you, but I’m rather hungry.












Monday, 30 September 2019


Good day to you all. Well what a week. My Husband has been rather ill so for the first time I have ever known since we have been together, he took four days off work still isn’t well but so much better than what he was. So, I have been a nurse all week.


It didn’t help that our GP’s give out antibiotics now for five days. Always antibiotics have been for seven days and we have been told that we won’t be better until all seven days’ worth of medicine has been consumed. So, after five days he still was really ill so had to get a Dr to call him and prescribe over the phone more pills. But guess what? he was only given tablets for two days. Hmm, so, seven days? Why not that in the beginning?


My poor friend Kinzie is still ill. So ill. I’m really afraid and her poor daughter has been so good keeping me up to date with what is going on but there is only so much you can take in from a far. I can’t even talk with her on the phone as her Husband says she still can’t talk. Or walk, how awful for her as she was so active. I can only hope she will be OK soon. At least I have the comfort of knowing she has people coming in to see if she is OK and help her. I’m so pleased she hasn’t had to struggle getting professionals out to her.


I received a letter on a bit of paper and it had my genetic information on. It made no sense to me at all. I am going to have to go back to that hospital and try to get some sense from them but from what I can gather, I have not yet had any tests done to see what type of RP I have. And I need that. How to get it? Not sure. Where to go for that? Not sure again but I shall ask my specialist when I see him, getting to see him is a total nightmare and it scares me how I will get to that hospital and how I will manage when there. It’s a total depressing place an eye hospital. There is never good news and I completely hate the way I feel when I come out. I am asked to tell if I see fingers flickering in front of my eyes. I say no, I’m blind. They then ask if I can see a light, I say no. I’m blind. Then the best or worst part, they ask me to read a sheet of paper. For goodness sake. It’s like when my poor Husband who has been totally blind since birth went into the Doctors last week, the nurse asked him to follow the light she was shining. She guided him into the room after he asked as he didn’t take his guide dog as he went by taxi because he couldn’t get into his local Drs of course, mind you, I am not sure how he would have walked there. He wasn’t steady on his feet so working a dog wouldn’t be good. And still she asked if he would follow the light on her torch.


If there is as much ignorance in the world of so-called professionals, how can we expect the general public to get blindness?


OK, grump over. I just have so much catching up to do this week with everything. I worked out by the end of the day, my washing machine will have been on for nine and a half hours. And I have some horrid emails to write one in particular I really don’t want to open as it isn’t good and requires a lot of work. Also, some files to update. Two poems to write for people and a retirement speech to do for someone. They all need posting tomorrow to get there for Saturday. I remember the days when our postal system used to deliver the next day…


On Friday it’s my Husbands birthday. We don’t have anything planned and it’s so hard to plan with our Son now he is a vegan. There are limited restaurants we can go to that Hub will enjoy. If any. So, not sure we will be going out for a meal. At least I have bought his gift and it’s so lovely I’m pleased with it.


Did I tell you I am trying to make a fairy garden? Oh, well I have been sending for bits for it but sadly they are all coming or not, from China. Well after thirty two days waiting for something that should have come after 18/twenty days, I have contacted the three sellers to inform them their items haven’t been delivered yet. One has written back saying they will refund me. But the three out of six items that have arrived, are so tiny. That would be OK, but the fairy house/castle, is enormous in comparison. Hahaha. One of the items I sent for was £1.25. The same item from the UK, delivery the next day was or is, £8. But I guess I would have at least received it.


So, far I have some artificial grass. A letterbox and postbox. A street lamp and the items I have not received are three different kinds of trees and a park bench.


Just a fact I have been reading about. Did you know standing for long periods a day is as bad for us as sitting for many hours?


If we sit at the work place or in our houses, for hours per day we are risking our chances of getting diabetes and heart problems we are meant to stand up every half hour and walk around for five minutes. Did you also know that if we sit at our desk for eight hours per day it also effects our brain? Our memory for example? Our blood pressures?


A study says that we should spend two hours per day out of our desks. And not two hours together. It’s so easy to email a colleague across the room but what if we got up and spoke to them, remember that old fashioned thing called conversation? Even if it is to ask if they could pass on an email address you are trying to look up. It will take 25 seconds to write that out and two minutes to walk over to them and walk back, but that is movement. Standing too long is as bad for us as sitting so this is why a little of everything is good for us. Apparently sitting for hours per day is very bad for depression too.


If we are at home on the phone, we can stand up whilst taking that call? We don’t always have to sit whilst talking. More and more in the work place there are standing desks that is great but remember to sit too and if standing apparently there should be a back wrest put in place.


OK, must get out of my chair and walk…. To the washing machine. Oh, my life is so exciting, haha, my next blog will be totally different to this one. Earlier I found something really interesting to read that I have read before but not written about.


Later Bloggets with love.



Tuesday, 24 September 2019


How is it even possible to love someone with all your heart, soul and mind, your body and every single breath you take and for them to feel the same way about you but one day, it’s all over? One day you are left crushed or, you have crushed someone you had those feelings for.  how can that even be? If you are the one who has been hurt then how do you carry on? If you are the one hurting someone else, then how could you change so much?


How does anyone recover from such agony? Do they ever? Do they just live each day as it comes but really, they are just an existence in our huge world suffering in the worst pain they have ever known?


How does that person who is the torturer wake up each day smiling and sleep every night in peace knowing what they have done to someone?


Do you think in life everyone you know of, or have heard of can possibly know what you are going through? Is that you being arrogant or realistic?


If this pain is common, there would be a cure for it right?


If you are the one who is hurting someone, surely you should be facing Kama?


What if you have hurt someone unintentionally, and totally regret it and want to make up but the person you have hurt won’t let you back into their life? what if you are suffering so badly for your actions but there is no light at the end of the tunnel?


Everyone is allowed to make a mistake, it’s your reasoning for making that mistake and how you deal with it I would guess. But what if at that time in your life, you didn’t know any other way to do other than what you did?


What if you are suffering from other people’s consequences and all you want is to have that love back you once had, the respect that shadowed you from that person who is now hurting you?


What happens next, you have done something that is really damaging and you want to fix it, how do you do that? Or, you have been on the receiving end of a torturous tongue and someone who has totally broken your heart so badly, you think it’s absolutely impossible to be fixed?


For both cases, I can only suggest time, hope and calmness.

They say time is a great healer. Hmm. Well I am not sure about healing, but time gives us chance to work out life and how we are going to deal with it. So, we may not heal in time, but time will teach us how to deal with life.


Hope, if we have hope, we have a chance. To forgive and be forgiven.


And finally, to be calm. Not to rush into anything. Breathe, keep calm relax and listen to our heart and head. Hold off on those words that are just bursting to escape your mouth.


There is such a thing called deep thoughts.


© Fiona Cummings





Monday, 23 September 2019


Happy Monday everyone. I hope your weekend has been one of peace and joy! Yesterday was a lovely family day at one of our favourite pubs. A delicious meal as always. And so nice to be with those we love.


In our news one of the largest holiday companies have gone bust. Thomas Cook. Such a shame end of an era. Now to bring the 150,000 holiday makers back home. Can you imagine, in Tunisia, the people on holiday all got locked into their hotel and were not allowed out until the staff were paid. Oh, my word, surely there should be a huge fine for that? I mean, that is hijack isn’t it? Name of hotel to avoid as far as I am concerned? Les Orangers resort in Hammamet.  They locked the gates and had four security guards telling people they were not allowed out. Tourist busses were moved on from picking the people up. Awful stories like an elderly lady who had fallen and broken her arm was forced to pay £2,500 to leave to seek medical help.


Even the Wi-Fi was turned off. The hotel said it was due to the weather. Oh, my can you imagine? Terrifying being held against your wishes and cut off from the world. I think it is disgraceful behaviour.


Just another Monday. Washing clothes, cooking and cleaning. Not in that order.


Oh, last week I decided to be arty. I have two small black plant pots with I think pink artificial flowers in. I put them both in my electric fire as we are not needing the fire at the moment and I thought they would look nice against the black fire and they fit in there so well. Only thing is, I really think I should take them out today as knowing me I may turn on the fire and forget to remove them. I dust inside the fire every five or so days, but what if on day six?


Did I tell you my lovely friend Kinzie who was so ill with Pneumonia and sent to hospital was sent home after three weeks? She is my Sons old Lolly pop lady who we adopted as his Grandma. We love her dearly. She is eighty and this is the state of things. She was sent home after being in hospital for what seemed to be forever. Her eighty-year-old husband had to get her from the car to the house. She must have had a wheelchair to get her from her hospital ward to the car at the hospital end. She can’t walk. She still can’t talk properly. She has me worried sick. Thank goodness her lovely daughter is back home now and by the way, she was in Tunisia but got home before midnight when the company went bust. So, yesterday she called in to see her Mum on the way back from the airport and she says her Mum looks worse than she did when she saw her a week ago. What is going on? I have done so much research and can not find any connection between Pneumonia and not being able to talk.


Well we are heading towards Autumn. Darker nights, cooler temperatures but beautiful trees. Fine if you can see them but if not, we are cold and feel darkness earlier… a study showed that research learned that babies born in Autumn tend to live until they are 100. In England we call Autumn, well, Autumn… But in America it’s known as fall. But until the 17th century the word, fall, was widely used in England.


I received a letter from my eye hospital but my iPhone will not read NHS letters. I wonder if it is photocopied like a picture and that is why? So, my Son read it to me last night. I think it looks like I at last after four years plus have got a diagnosis of the type of Retinitis Pigmentosa I have. So many letters. I need to get it read again and write down what it says and do more research. I’m scared though because the letters don’t look like any other letters, I have read on line. You watch, mine will be so rare they won’t even be doing research on my kind of RP let alone on their way for a cure or at least treatment…


I have been reading about Indonesia how what they call the haze has turned the sky blood red like Mars. How scary what are we doing to our world? Gosh, we were given the most perfect place to live and we are killing it faster than humans know. I honestly can’t see earth being here in 80 years. And that is thanks to so many people being ignorant to the signs of times.


Now for some fun facts.

Bunny’s. Hares are born with fur and can see where as rabbits are born without fur and are blind at birth.


On one of the islands off the West coast of Australia, lies Lake Hillier. It’s a bright bubble gum pink but scientists don’t know why it’s such a bright pink. Gosh, that must look really odd?


Oh, until today I never knew this.  The flag of Hawaii is the only state US flag to feature the Union Jack on it.


 I love this fact, the word Almost, is the longest word written in alphabetical order in the English language.


And finally, as I think this fact may be of more use to you. Haha. You are three times more likely to get a virus on your computer from a religious website than you are from a porn website…

Well, I shall avoid both.


Happy Monday




Friday, 20 September 2019


Good afternoon, the weather is beautiful today. Waggs and I have been shopping and oddly enough, we had to pass the fish & chip shop. Well, it would have been rude not to stop and say hello!

And buy some delicious chips and curry sauce and Hub is working from home today as he has fallen off the health waggon, I got him sausage and chips. Our chips in the UK, are your fried potatoes. Double delicious!

Double calories, but I did walk to get them. Haha.


My Hub as I said is working from home today. Oh my, he works so hard. I don’t know how he remembers where he is up to. I took him a cup of tea in before. I think he has been on the phone for the full day apart from when he took 11 minutes out to eat his lunch.


Oh, can you remember when I was going to the shops some months ago and a stupid man came up from behind me and demanded my money and phone? Turned out it was my crazy neighbour who is a practical joker. Well, he hasn’t spoken to me since and that is a shame. My Son had a word. I could have killed our boy as I didn’t ask him to do that but he was very upset by this guys actions. As I got a scare as I didn’t know who it was and I did for a while think I was being mugged. Well today he spoke to me in our avenue of all sorts. But he put a strange voice on. Oh, my, what is wrong with him? He said hello to me. Not using my name. and I did think it was another neighbour. He then shouted, Fiona, how did you know it was me? Then I recognized his voice.

Buffoon. Haha. Seriously, he needs help.


So many people spoke to me today most knew me by my name. it’s so lovely when that happens. Even fifteen minutes from home. Funny thing most of the people I haven’t a clue who they are. But they know me. Hahahaha. Oh, em, how?

Don’t answer.


It’s going to be a beautiful weekend I really wish I could go to the beach but sadly we are in this weekend. If only I could see just to drive wherever we need to go or would like to go. Life shouldn’t always be about needs. And it is for people who can’t see a lot of times.


A beautiful Blogget and friend of mine went out with a friend to buy some clothes. She wanted something smart and came back with something casual. Why? I think those of us who are blind may know the answer. We get what we are shown, not what we want. We are also on a lot of borrowed time. People who kindly offer to take us for things are doing it as a favour not because they want to. And it’s always obvious.


Talking of the beach, oh, it’s my total dream just to live facing the ocean. Why can’t I win the lottery? Oh, talking of lottery, listen to this.


Well last week during the night as Hub was away on business, I was sitting reading through my emails. It was about two in the morning and I was half asleep. I am always half a sleep, it’s the other half I struggle with.


So, this email said they had some news about my ticket.


take me to that ticket? I clicked. And I got to the page. It asked for my password. I couldn’t remember it. Heck. But then I remembered I have downloaded the app…. Head to that rather than the link and my finger will do the talking… as I have finger identification.  


I went there and it worked, yes, I was in. now to messages. I won £30


Check again Fifi, have I read it correctly? Are there a couple of zeros’ missing?


Only one zero. But the lotto got better.


A few days later. I received a notification to say I have a winning ticket on the Euro jackpot. Oh, my that was for over one hundred million pounds. Oh, my elephants’ dogs, dolphins, whales and cures funded for blindness I was about to help out.

Euro millions, wow,



I won wait for it?


Are they for real?

My piggin ticket was £2.50

So, I won 18p


OK what are you up to this weekend? Have a great one whatever you are doing. Take care. Laters.



Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Gosh what a day. It started off nicely. I went to our town to shop and gave Wags a stress-free walk to our park. There was a bite in the air but in general it was sunny and calm. Near the lake it seemed rather cool I do feel for the birds and creatures who make that water their home. And then the day got worse. I had a horrid job to do that I really didn’t want to do but it had to be done. And then some deep thoughts and not regrets, but wishes that things could have been different. Then a message from someone that left me feeling sad, worried, excited, happy and angry! Disliking myself even more than I do already.


Sometimes I wish I could wipe the board of life clean and follow my dreams, hopes and my own thoughts instead of being lead by others.


Regrets isn’t a word I like. Because what can you do with regrets? Most things in my life I absolutely am glad I did but a handful of decisions I made or what were made for me, I wish I had been stronger at the time. Those arrangements concluded in lifechanging moments. My life map has been sent on completely different tracks. Undulating dusty roads to hell and elevators breaking down on each floor of living until I got to the top and then the cables snapped, causing me to fall back down again.


We can say if only as many times as we want. What good does it do us? We can not change our past. We can live for today and hope for tomorrow, but what if our bad decisions really impact our future and our time today? Again, those words, what if? What if doesn’t get us anywhere when it comes to what if we had done something different. We didn’t end of. We have to live with that. Can we fix what is broken? I really hope so!


When will I learn, when will I trust myself to be in control of my own destiny?

   Some decisions in life have left me with a bitter taste. I can only hope and pray that in time a sweetener will be given to me and I will be free of the torture of time.


We blame todays wrongs, on past occurrences, we have to remember that no one is perfect, even those you think are amazing and have an idyllic life, have something in their past that they wished they had done differently, only they may not wish to share their news with anyone. So, you are not alone in thinking if only you had done things differently, but that doesn’t really help our own personal decisions does it?


Going over and over past words, thoughts, actions and decisions doesn’t help us now. remembering our past bad decisions is futile and only leads to misery and absolute negativity!


If we had of taken a different path, who knows, our lives may have been worse. We may have been left thinking if I had only done the opposite and the opposite would be to have the life we have now.


I could have done and could have been, but I didn’t and I wasn’t, so, I am what I am. Now, there’s a song title!


“I can’t take back the past, but I can fight for the future!”” said Shannon A. Thompson. I have read that focusing on our future is a great way to forget our past. Someone wrote something to me today that touched my heart and those words will stay with me forever.

“Memories haunt me!””

And they do me too!







Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Good afternoon Bloggets. Firstly, I would love to say a very happy birthday to a very special person in my life. Claire wishing you all the best I’m sure you are going to enjoy tonight and the next week ahead.


If it’s your, birthday today, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday.


My poor friend is still really unwell in hospital. She has now been in hospital for eighteen days. Gosh I miss her so much and wish she was home.


If anyone has any tips on Chrysanthemum plants, please can you let me know? I bought two at the weekend. I went out on Sunday with Chloe and what a great day we had, though I really felt bad about leaving my poor Hub as he was really ill. It was on day two though so, he was heading in the right direction to get better. I was meant to go out for the day but went out for a couple of hours instead so I would be back so, I left him in bed with a cup of tea and off I went.


We went to a beautiful quaint market town that is so lovely but sadly it’s not a good place to live as the ground just keeps opening up… sink holes they call them. Such a shame as the birds sing, it’s peaceful and there are some nice shops but the people are really calm and kind. It’s a relaxed atmosphere for sure, not like city life.


In the pub car park, there were craft stalls selling such beautiful things. All homemade. The sellers were amazing. It was really funny and I’m just glad there were not too many people there as I of course totally showed myself up. Haha. Again.


I purchased something that was quite expensive and the seller wanted my email address so he could send me a receipt. Well as I called over to him in a clear loutish voice that my drama teacher would have been proud of, telling him my email…. Suddenly I got a feeling, you know, one of those feelings you get when something is not quite right?


I turned to Chloe and said. “Is it you who is writing my email address down?”” she laughed and said yes. The seller laughed too. I just replied, well, how was I to know? Hehehehe. People would be thinking why is she yelling an email address when the girl is right next to her?


But our day just got better…. We headed off to a garden centre. We were in the outside part. We got a trolley and on it I put two what American people call Mum plants. Oh, they were stunning. Big round balls of fragrant flowers. One was yellow and the other burgundy. I bought two lovely stone pots to go with them they are sand yellow. In my head that would look lovely with the colours of the plants.


Well, then we came to the garden ornaments. Oh, heck. There was a really large rabbit well knee height. He had a stone basket of nothingness which required a plant. I bought a pot of coloured flowers that stay with colour all year round. The pot fit perfectly in Bugsy’s basket.


Oh, but then Chloe said, there is a tortoise. It was really large. I had to add it to my basket. But then encouraging Chloe said it is the last one but there is a baby one left and he is the last one. Do you want the baby? Well, how could I say no? leaving the baby without his Mummy or Daddy? Then she said that word. The word I cannot say no to. Elephant! And he was smiling at me. How could I say no to him? The E, word. Oh, heck, Chloe don’t do this to me? I replied, how on earth will we get them all on the trolley? She answered she would go and get a bigger trolley. Well she returned with an industrial one. She packed all the items on it and then said there is a bird bath. Well I have wanted a bird bath for years. I have a small one which is like a plate with two pretty birds on it, but this was a real big one hopefully too big for the wagging one to drink from.


The price was so good. OK I said, lets go. Well off we went the garden centre was so quiet only the Nanna’s and Grandads whispered their respectful way around as if in carpet slippers in a library! Such a calmness about the place. I had a huge smile as I was so happy with my items. Then, suddenly, crash bang whollip.

What a picture. What a sound. What a moment. The noise was awful. As my plant pot came crashing down on top of my ornaments. Chloe said, oh, well, there’s the bunny’s ears gone?


As she scooped up the broken pot, she then picked up Bugsy and his ears, carried the hefty item back to his home, ears in basket and headed back to me.


I was purple. My morti has never been so fied!

She suggested that she gets a guy to help us over the step and she will tell the shop keepers that we broke the pot, but keep quiet about bunny’s ears. Oh, I replied, we can’t. she said well they shouldn’t have such stupid entrances. Hahaha. Off she went came back with a man who made the journey look so easy over the ramp and step into the shop. As we stood at the till waiting to pay, Chloe said you are not going to charge her are you for the broken pot? No, he kindly replied, it’s fine, and because I work outside, I can give you 10 per cent off because you have bought so much.

Oh, not only have I legally broken his pot, and unofficially his bunny, but now he is giving me money off? Cringe a little more. Pay and get me out of there?


As we went to the car, Chloe packed it so nothing would brake on the way home. We were going to look around the place inside and have a cup of tea, but I said no way, I wouldn’t dare enter that place again. Chloe replied, no, it will be fine, he won’t even notice the rabbit until much later, em, love, it’s a tall rabbit without his long ears stood on a practically empty stall as I bought the shop out. It’s pretty obvious? She replied, it’s fine come on I need a cupper.

 I thought to myself, I need a whisky and I don’t even drink and if I did, it certainly would not be whisky, though as the moments went on, a whisky was becoming more appealing…


Well we went back in and semi chilled with a drink and sandwich. She is such great company. She is as mad as me and so genuinely caring. Well, apart from when it comes to the stone world of animal rights…


We headed home, she carried everything out of the car. She is so strong. But she is half my age, yep, I know what you are thinking, too young to drive….