Friday, 23 March 2018


Good evening Bloggets. My Son was due home at quarter to nine tonight but it’s now after eleven and he’s still not home.

All I can say is thank goodness for mobile phones. He’s out with a couple of colleagues. Interesting ones too. One of them I could write a book on. He’s English, as English as I am. Honest just ask Siri… Or, perhaps not as Siri really struggles with my Geordie accent.

I, don’t know why?


Shamrock must be out tonight with her friend or possibly her family otherwise no way Boy Wonder would be with his pals. The other friend he is with used to work with BW but left. The really bad thing is, yesterday he went to see BW at work and went in the office made himself a coffee and sat putting his feet up. When the big bad boss entered, he wasn’t impressed. I kind of don’t blame him, it was a bit forward. This is the pal who always has a business venture for him and BW. So, goodness knows what will come home tonight.


Sitting on this sofa it’s so uncomfortable it wasn’t expensive when we got it and it has lasted five years. But we really are in need for another one. Getting to the shop to buy one is more of a challenge. But hey, if my Husband and I can take our guide dogs and design and choose a full kitchen and all the electrical goods we can pick a sofa. It’s just finding the shop among the mass of industrial estates. I hate those places and even for those who are sighted, half of my friends with vision don’t even have a clue what is among those bricks and glass buildings. I have told some friends of businesses that are there to which they didn’t have a clue of their existence. How did I learn of what was there? Haha, basically finding a door walking in and asking whilst I tried to find a paint shop!!! Did I find the paint shop in the end? Yes, but did I get assistance in choosing the colours? Nope, they said they weren’t allowed to help in case I took them to court over a colour I didn’t agree with or like, well, let me tell you, I was there a while and I don’t think they will forget me in a hurry. The thought of decorating now days adds stress to my life, and my Husbands. I, mean, to pick a colour when we both are totally blind is bad enough, but when we come across people who are like uncaring robots, it’s not helpful. I, wonder if one day they may need such help, let’s hope they don’t meet with people like themselves!


On Facebook this week I have excepted some really positive friends one of them is the author who rightly corrected a word I wrote wrongly the other day, I put wrested with a W, rather than rested with an R. I tried to befriend him but found his page and couldn’t find where to send for a friend request and today, there he was a request from him. I’m very excited about that.


I have so many authors on my friends list on Facebook one is a dear friend Nancy. She brings tears to my eyes, not sad ones but tears of joy.


Facebook is getting better for those of us who use screen readers or software like Jaws. It’s nice they are considering us when they plan. I, know they have had bad press of late, but in all honesty, we now live in a big brother world and my travels to the former USSR have nothing on what goes on in the West now days.


I have a huge passion to write books I know I can write children’s stories as well as many other subjects from romance to mystery and my autobiography will be the cherry on the top of the cake as that will be unique for sure. I just need some encouragement as I have no push. I admire those who have get up and go. I smile when I read of people who write 500 words per day, gosh, I can do that in five minutes, in this silly little blog, there are over a thousand words. This is my second blog today and I have written three poems for people,  and when I put my writing head on, not my chit chat head like what is on now, I go into another world and I can be someone else and that person is so far from myself it’s unbelievable. Lately I have read about a university course I would love to do but then I think of the job that will follow and I have my negative hat on and realise that there is no chance I would get a job and this makes me so sad. I really wish when I was young I had that push I really do.

“It’s been my life’s long ambition to become an optometrist, but I just couldn’t see a way to make it happen. Haha.””

Seriously, that would not be my choice of work.


The birds in my garden are telling me it’s spring, but the weather is telling me different. Did you hear of two lambs who were in a meadow? Which one frequented a Casino?

The one who’s gambolling….

 OK, that was bad I know, well I, did say this is a chit chat blog….


Are we ready for a really deep blog? It’s been a while since I got controversial. Possibly there will be one coming up this weekend. Remember if you have any suggestions for a blog and you are on my following list on my blog page, please let me know or through Google Plus or, you can send me an email.


Just before I close the house for the navy night to go to sleep, I will leave you with these thoughts.

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you learned why you were born… I’ve personally yet to learn about my second day…


Don’t waist your energy on your past, concentrate on your future.

I, hope I’m in your future.

Nighty night. Sleep tight.








Good day Bloggets. Thank you so much for your responses to my blog yesterday. I’m honoured you read my blogs it always amazes me how many countries take time out to pop into the Fifi life, smile.


Last night we went to the pub quiz. Oh, we were as rubbish as ever. We certainly don’t let the team down by lack of our knowledge. The proprietor was proud to announce to us that there is no picture quiz this week.

Great, we are in for a chance. Right?


So, the ten questions were to name the top ten most populated cities around the world.

My Husbands last job was Head of International Development which meant that he went to so many countries I have said before the last three months he worked there, he visited twenty countries in those twelve weeks. So, he should have a rough idea on this subject, right?


We got 4 out of ten. They were as follows.  Shanghai, Beijing, Delhi and Tokyo. Other cities were Osaka, Mexico City Which Hub said but wasn’t written down obviously the pen holder mustn’t have agreed. Mumbai, New York and other cities I have never even heard of I’m sure the quiz master makes things up as he goes along. Haha. Bless him.


There were 54 questions all together I won’t embarrass myself by telling you how many the four of us got. It was our worst week by far.


As ever the lovely coal fire was lit it was warm and cosy and the punters were friendly, I wish it was closer to home and we could pop in one night just for the atmosphere.


My poor Son is working right over Easter and it looks like he is opening and or, closing every day too. That will be three weeks he has done that without a break and the boss said he only puts people on three days per week opening or, closing, yeah right, it’s a joke.


I do hope he finds a new job soon. I hate it when bosses are unfair and BW’s boss is a disgrace I don’t care if he is reading this right now. He’s a shambles. And he knows why too. Loose lips, yep, he knows all about that.


My heart goes out to France. Once again evil strikes and people have unnecessarily died. I feel for the murderers Mother if I have heard correctly as she was at the scene of the final murders, I would hope trying to change his mind. She is without her Son now and for that reason I feel for her. But the victims’ families, there are no words I expect from now on, their lives will never be the same, and what did they, do to him? The South of France is warmly in my heart as Hub, our Son and myself spent two wonderful holidays there.


I hope Europe and the UK are going to stay as close as we have been over the Russian incident! We belong together.


Now part of today’s subject, dating etiquette around the world, how it differs.

In Spain I’m told on great authority, you say hello with a kiss on each cheek. And, you don’t talk about religion or politics. Splitting the bill is the norm. different to Brazil where the gent will pick up the bill.


Sweden a verbal word is better than a hug or kiss especially if you are new to each other. The Swedish people, I’m told, don’t normally go for a meal on their first date but meet for a coffee or beer, I like that. Now, Russia, this is where I can clarify at least this part is true. Whoever initiated the date greets the other normally if the guy has done this he will kiss the ladies hand. If it’s him who has asked the lady out, he also pays the bill and makes sure the lady get’s home safely either by walking her back or, arranging a taxi for her. Oh, I could write a book on my experiences with a couple of Rusky Russians.

But I won’t….

Not yet any way!


It’s written that ASOS, is the most desirable company to work for in the UK, my Sons favourite place to shop, it’s on line for him and until recently, he has had no trouble with but for the past six weeks he has gone through hell with them and their serious lack of aftercare. They took his money, didn’t deliver the goods, removed vouchers he had and now are messing with him saying they will pay the money due but it never appears. He has emails has made countless calls to the company and is getting nowhere. If a manager in ASOS is reading this, please get your act together this is not good for business. It’s theft basically. When, if, this is resolved, I shall gladly report so. But in the meanwhile, I would urge people to be very careful with them. As I said BW had no problem with them until six weeks ago but the stress they have put on him is not good and it’s a lot of money.


  The BBC came second best place to work followed by Apple, JP Morgan,McKinsey and company.

HSBC, Amazon, L’Oréal, Selfridges group and a couple of banks.

Gosh, interesting. So, if I could work for any of those companies, it would have to be the BBC.


Now, my lovely friend and Blogget Bill lead me to a link today the top happiest countries to live in the world, so, let’s see where they are according to the United Nations.

Number one, Finland. The Nordic countries did well like Norway and Denmark.

 There isIceland, Switzerland, Netherlands   but Canada came seventh. Australia tenth The US dropped to 18th place I couldn’t find England, oddly, Haha, strange as this is where most people end up who are wanting to move abroad, obviously we must all be miserable so and so’s!


Before I go I hope you have a lovely weekend. Sending hope your way, get ready to catch it!











Thursday, 22 March 2018


Today’s blog, I mentioned yesterday that I put it out there on Facebook asking for a subject today and my school buddy was straight in there with a suggestion, so, her topic coming up! But first, I have to tell you about a restaurant mine and Hubs friend went to, to celebrate his significant birthday.

   get this for a name.

The Lusty wench

 Haha. Isn’t that the best?


So, subject today, it would be interesting to talk about how we would all feel going back in time to our school days.


Well if I knew I had stepped back in time, obviously knowing what I learned and what I know now, I am sure I would have been a lot stronger at school and not allow some of the evil staff to do what they did. Of course, I would have been expelled, and probably sent to a school for badly behaved children. That is what happened to my friend from school, she was so clever, and was expelled for something so small. Her education was suffocated by what was to follow. Sadly, for her, she went down a loveless, lawless lane and her life for sure was ruled by her former school’s decision. Having said that, because of visiting Russia and London hospitals as much, my education certainly was badly effected, and has subsequently affected the path I chose or, was chosen for me.


Imagine you and your school pals now, you can all go back in time. You will be those children again but A, you all know of your futures and you are there because you have stepped back in time. The other kids don’t know about the time situation, as far as they are concerned it’s normal every day they are still at school, they haven’t grown up like we did. The staff are oblivious to what’s going on. What would you do and what would you change? Oh, I would love that time…. But if, B, we could go back in time but once there, our minds were wiped clean of any future going ons, I would hate that because we would be like the above other school friends, who were oblivious to everything so would just have to go through everything all over again, and I wouldn’t wish that on me or my pals.


My Husband wants to visit our first school so badly. I really don’t. It’s not a school anymore it’s other buildings and for me there are too many ghosts from my past and skeletons that need to be kept in the closet.


So, to conclude, would I wish for my life all over again with exactly the same occurrences and outcome? No, what would be the point. Would I like to live my life again knowing what I know now? No. I wouldn’t wish my life on anyone. Would I like to go back to being a tiny child with the head, brain and mind of the age I am now, so I would have more influence on my path of life? Yes, I think so, as I would have had so much more to say and I would be someone by now. Not just that blind woman or BW’s Mum or the wife of, or, that fat lass down the street. Haha.


Will I grow old wishing if only? A little part of me will. It does, but nothing I could have done with the mindset I had would have made my life easier or better. A different outlook perhaps. But I didn’t have a different outlook, so I did the best I could with what I had.


As for my future? There are days when I really hope my life will change. I adore my Husband and he and I are together forever I pray. I worship my Son and I hope he will marry a good lady and I look forward to having Grandbabies. I of course will worry in case the children will be cursed with my eye disease, but the curse isn’t what it was for me, at least there is hope for our future generations with new research. Real people are starting to get treatments now. for my type of RP? Who knows, because who knows what kind of or, strength of RP I have? Four years now I have been trying to find that answer and failed.


There are so many different kinds of Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Knowing my luck, I will have the kind that isn’t being researched… But then I have days when I think no one could go through the life I have gone through and die without the sun shining, even for a couple of years? And I dream of the days when I see enough to go on holiday with my Husband. To be free of restrains and not to be excoriated by words inside of my head. To witness once again resplendent lakes and icicles, as well as gardens abundant in colours of all kinds of blooms!  


To be able to visit others who are not as fortunate as myself and make a difference in their lives! Who knows in five years’ time, I may be seeing the words I’m writing to you rather than listening to a little man inside of my lap top. Gosh, I’m almost forgetting what letters look like now, I really need to spend time keeping that part of my memory alive. Colours are slipping from my mind at great speed. Not being helped by the fact all these new words for colours, colours which I am sure have been around forever but had more simple descriptions when I had sight.


Hub is in Manchester today working. So over two and a half hours in transit each way.

But tomorrow he is on holiday for two weeks. I think our besties are coming to visit us next week. That will be lovely. I was just saying to my other friend today I miss her so much and wished she lived closer. One day it would be great to live so close to all of my pals. In a community. Haha. Oh, goodness, if you knew us all, that would be one heck of a community.


Received a lovely phone call from the sweetest friend today, gosh, bless her heart, she is going through hell right now. I just wish I could help her. I love her and going back to school days, if I had to go through what I went through at school, just to meet with her, it was worth it.


I’m cooking a poor part of a pig for Hubs dinner. Well, dinners as it’s huge. I ordered it on line, em, well, it’s kind of family size. Hub tells me off saying I never check sizes of things…. And?

Seriously this pork would serve eleven hungry builders!


I’m a vegetarian as you may know. So, how long do you cook a joint of Pork for? Good question… hahahaha. I don’t do many joints it’s just too close to reminding me what my Husband is actually going to eat. I must say though, forgetting for a few seconds what it actually is, it smells rather lovely. I removed foil for half an hour and let it go crispy on the top. I forked holes into it with black pepper herbs and garlic as well as some celery salt. Is that sounding OK? Oh, I’m totally hopeless but so far, I haven’t ever managed to poison anyone. I’m surprised I have any skin on my hands though the amount of times I washed my hands today whilst preparing the meat. I’m paranoid when cooking.


I guess I should go and iron. I also have some poems to write for people. A poem for a wedding, one Christening and one just because she knows I will. Smile. Subject of that poem? She doesn’t mind. Anything, and it’s not like it’s for an occasion either. So, where to begin on that one.


A big shout to my Sister in Law today, your words today were gratefully received appreciated and found themselves inside of my heart.

Later gators.







Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Good day Bloggets. Yesterday was the first day of Spring and it does feel like it. It’s rained here but that nice kind of rain, the kind you think, this is good for our gardens and wildlife. The kind that is so very gentle as if the angels are bathing us… In kisses and blessings.   Yesterday and today is so sunny. It’s still cold though but odd as the sun is hot. Kind of like those spa’s you can go to where by you enter an icy cool pool then into hot water. Well, if I can’t have that, I shall stand in my garden for two minutes until the cold gets to my bones…


What season is best to get on a trampoline?

Spring time…

I, know, it’s bad, but thanks to Julie for making me chuckle with that.


I’m going through an (I, don’t want to know) moment right now, the words before from my Hub. Haha, he either ignores my conversation on this subject or says. “I, don’t want to know””

A spiritual time. Something is in the air. My Mother in Law came through yesterday for less than two seconds and last night my Mum for three seconds. In my kitchen my Mother in law the smell of the most beautiful roses. And, in my living room my Mum, the awful smell of cigarettes. Whenever my Mum in law comes to me now, I get comfort but followed by oh, heck, no… When she used to come through, through where not sure, it’s just an expression I use like others do, as not knowing the correct lingo to use as none of us really truly understands what the heck we feel, see, hear, smell or feel. I used to get comfort as the feeling I got with her was one of it’s going to be OK. But then she visited me for a week. And one day at the end of the week, wow, the smell of roses was so very strong and I even turned the the fragrance and said hello to her but as soon as I speak to whatever it is I feel, whatever it is, goes. But that day my darling Black Beauty had to be put to sleep. My first guide dog. A year almost to the day later, for two days she came back, my Mother in law, and on the third day again, the smell was so strong and that day was the day Hub had to get his dear Long Chops put to sleep. AKA Hannah and Suki. She hasn’t really been back enough to make me think since. I have had a brief smell of roses but it’s not been around long enough to get me wondering. But yesterday afternoon, it was very strong. I turned to my Waggatail, and said a prayer I only hope she is back to tell us everything is going to be OK.  My Mum? She hardly comes to me. She did a couple of weeks ago and I won’t tell you of my experience or you will send for the men in white coats, but it was very comforting. I’m a real coward but when my Mum and in law comes through, I am so calm.


Seriously, my dream is to sit near some water surrounded by fields of strawberry plants and lemon trees in the South of France, just sipping on a coffee writing to you. Instead I am in my Livingroom with the sounds of the dishwasher in the background, police cars whizzing by and two dog toys on my knee along with my lap top and my dog is playing with her noisiest toy and she keeps bringing it to me resting it on my lap top I have to keep deleting words as she has pressed the keys. One day when she does that, I should let her, and publish what she writes. Hahaha.


Just briefly I get regular emails asking me how I manage to write my blogs if I’m blind. Old Bloggets will know this but I use a software called Jaws which is very expensive but for me is the best out there. I can touch type too. Every key I press reads the letters out. I take no notice of each letter until I have published what I want to say and then it is too late it’s out there. I got corrected by a gent the other day as I wrote wrested rather than rested. For my Bloggets who are using screen readers, that is wrested with a W, and rested with an R… Thanks to Mr. M… Keep me right. Having said that, I also thought, oh, boy, if he is about to correct all of my mistakes on every one of my blogs, he may be there a while… Believe it or not I received an A, in English and when I have to write papers or something that requires a brain, I can do it, but I’m chatting right now to you so I’m relaxed… I do have a lot of students of English around the world and sometimes I do have to think twice, but they stick with me so either I am doing something right, or, they are using my English as an example how not to write Haha.

See, how English can be difficult, those two words, right and write? Spelled totally differently but pronounced the same. Right with an R meaning to turn that direction or you are correct/you are right.

 And to write something with a W writing a letter.


OK, it’s Wednesday, so some wisdom at last? From others of course. Smile.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lau Tzu

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.””

Ralph Waldo Emerson


I asked on Facebook what subject to write about tomorrow, so, let’s see what people say?






Tuesday, 20 March 2018


What a difference it makes just to get out and about in a day with someone who can see. To go out with my dog is a great feeling of freedom and achievement, and for every 100 times I need to go anywhere, only two of those times I have the fortune to be with a sighted person, the other 98 times, I have to do it alone with my Waggatail.  So, thank God for my guide dog! But to actually go out with someone who has vision so I can totally relax and get to places or do things I just can’t do with my dog is so good.


When we were out, a beautiful retriever dog was sitting tied up outside a huge shop. Of course, Boy Wonder wanted to stroke it. So, I warned him against it as you never know how a dog will react or the dog may get afraid with hands of strangers coming towards it, but he still had a pet of it as did I, once I realised the furry friend was, well, friendly.


Oh, he just sat there with his stunning floppy ears so, innocent, so vulnerable. I hate it when people leave dogs tied outside shops and schools. I know my Son has a constant battle with a lady who comes into his workplace and leaves her dog outside for up to an hour. Last time it was snowing hard, BW put the dog in his car… I suggested that the dog could have torn his car to bits inside. But BW said he would cope with that rather than have that poor dog shivering!


Then he and Shamrock went out. I receive a text from him which reads a link to a dog’s trust and takes you the reader, to a link to the dog he had just seen as he and Sham went to the actual dog’s trust home for unwanted dogs. I replied with some made up links, www . DoggyDayCare. Mummy www . and,  www.RememberToLet TheDogOut .org

I, think he got the hint.


He and Sham also went to a tropical garden. There was everything there from butterflies and snakes to spiders and monkeys.

Now BW is at the gym where he will swim and attend the sauna and Shamrock is out with a friend from work.

I made dinner for Hub the    meat eater and BW and myself who are vegetarians and did a different meal for BW’s lunch for work tomorrow. I have filled the dishwasher cleaned the work tops in the kitchen did a last-minute floor clean whilst Hub went to our gym… the garage.


Now Hub is watching TV I’m chatting to you and we both have a cup of tea. Hub green tea. Last night I measured his chest and waist. I have a tactile tape. He’s lost four inches from both chest and waist. I think he’s now lost too much. He eats on average a thousand calories per day and is losing with exercise, 600 so, surviving on 400 calories per day, it’s not enough food. The past four weeks have been hellish for him personally speaking too. His brother has been so supportive bless him and apart from me and our Son, no one else has known what is going on but I hope soon that stress will have come to a conclusion. And he can start to be back to normal.


Did I tell you I was getting broody for a baby? Haha. Don’t worry, I’m far too old for that, and my Son is far too young… Or, is he?

The only time I have had feelings like this was when I wanted a child when it was time to have my Son… I have never had feelings like this before then, or since then. Until now… What’s that about? Is it a Grandmothers thing?

Oh, no, I’m not Grandmothers age. I, mean, 32, too young to be a Granny, right?

Stop it…

I am, 32…


 OK cheeky chops, I will go for now, but take care of yourselves and smile as I bet whatever you are hoping for, is in the stars waiting to shine in your life. very soon.




Today has been a good one so far. I went to a local clothing shop, for some shoes. I went with my Son. I came out with two pairs of shoes, and three tops, as we were walking out, I said to my Boy Wonder, is that our alarm beeping? We stopped he looked around and said no, well, got home, there’s an enormous tag on one of my tops… So, it has to go back to the shop. I could write a blog on its own about my shopping today but won’t…. May be another blog.


I met with Shamrocks Dad too. He’s really sweet. I warmed to him straight away. So, that’s her two brothers and Dad now. Just the Mum and Sister and her Fiancé to go.


In the news, in the UK, a car was stolen with a two-year-old little girl in it. The car was driven or crashed into the river and sadly, today that little girl who was pulled out, died.

What happened to the driver?


The 23 Russian Diplomats were sent home. Bad really, as they have done nothing, mind you, neither have the 23 that Russia have sent to England. So, we have a saying. Tit for tat… Don’t ask… But I know some of you will be wondering where that saying comes from, so I shall try to find out at the end of this.


This is great news. In England/London, Doctors have taken a major step towards treating the most common form of blindness in the UK. Macular degeneration:  

Pioneering stem cell treatment was given to two people and one person’s eye was totally blind now they can read from that eye. Wonderful. Bring on stem cell please… Cells from a human embryo were grown into a patch that was placed into the back of the eye. Eight more patients will take part in this clinical trial. I pray to God it works out and no one gets cancer if they do I would imagine that the trial will stop which is a shame as, even without the treatment that person probably would have developed cancer anyway. But they will wonder if it could be the stem cells. This is what we need or those of us who have Retinitis Pigmentosa.


A baby boy has been left in a hospital waiting room in the UK. Still with his umbilical cord attached. Poor baby, if only the Mum knew how he would feel when he grew up. I hope she is OK though. Better leaving her baby there than like a story I read yesterday where a baby was found aged one many years ago with her hands tied in front of her under shrubs in the middle of the countryside. She was a year old and passers by heard her cries. She was cut and scratched by the brambles but other than that, she was fine. She the baby, is now eighty. She has traced her Father to Ireland via America and of course he isn’t alive now, but his family are and have welcomed her. As for her Mother, eventually she also was traced and again obviously noting the ladies age now, the Mother isn’t alive either but it was an interesting story how the elderly lady traced using DNA.


Almost thirty years ago in my hometown of Newcastle there were two girls raped within a few years in between. Fast forward now, the man who did it has been arrested. How did they catch him? Well obviously, he’s still an undesirable creep as his neighbours took him to court as he Peed into the garden into a plant pot of his neighbour and the DNA was taken for evidence and guess what? It matched the rape cases in the 80’s… The moral of that story, no matter how long ago you committed your crime, never feel safe….


Now (Tit for tat) meaning?

To punish other people because they have done something to you.

So, we sent the Russians back because other Russians have brought poisons chemicals into our country, so, Russia retaliate by doing the same only we haven’t put the Russian people in danger… But anyway, tit for tat?

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

“Don’t get mad, get even””

Well, Putin is mad but I doubt we will get even.

I am amazed the good old Russians put up with him. Mind you, it will be the new Russians now who will like him. In the good old days, he would have had too much vodka to drink and be done with.

But now money power talks.

In Portuguese, Represalia.

Well, you never know when you are next in Portugal on holiday, this phrase could come in handy. Hahaha. I hope not.


The origin is from a book from 1466 by the poet Charles Duke. In cockney rhyming slang it meant hat. And that is as much as I can find…


Now I have to be creative in my kitchen, or, shall I have a day off, well, semi off and open my freezer door?




Today I would like to say hello to countries who are reading my crazy and sometimes, not often, sensible blogs, smile, Sweden, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Ireland, Spain and Austria. Of course, there are my usual regular daily Bloggets of UK, US, Canada, Australia, France, South Africa and Germany and the all-time stats in the top ten countries are as follows.


United Kingdom 117,244

United States 95,863

Russia 10,555

Ukraine 7,522

Canada 7,461

Germany 6,459

Australia 5,088

South Africa 1,769

France 1,526

Poland 1,474

So, Poland are really chasing France who are on the tail of South Africa. Though there is a large gap between UK and US, every day I check my stats and America for the past few months have doubled the UK. So, by Christmas, who knows, will the UK be beet at the post? Not sure, as you are still looking every day, it would take a few days if not a couple of weeks for you UK’s not to look at all to give the US a chance but there fighting us. Smile. Who needs the world cup or the Eurovision song contest, when we have Fifi’s Bloggets. Hahaha. Love you all.