Thursday, 19 October 2017


So, I have received quite a few emails of late asking me to write about the English language. My dear Bloggets who are studying English, you come to me for help? Well, all I can say is good luck. But, here we go.


 What words should we think about before we use them in a sentence or verbally use them?

Actually. Sometimes actually is used to give us more time to think about what we want to say. It can come across as being a know it all. We use actually as a table to rest on whilst better words come to mind.


Literally, should be used to describe an action. Literally is one of the most famously used words in English.   It’s another what they call crutch words, something to lean on whilst thinking of another word to use or, using literally could be used to search for a word as you don’t really know what is really, true.


Basically. This word is used in my opinion to make things less harsh, for example, “Basically Julie, people are telling me things that are basically concerning me.””

Basically, isn’t getting used for what it should be as the word it was meant to mean, basic. Basically, should signify something fundamental.


The word that really winds me up, is when people say like. In between every blooming couple of words. So, for example.

“She was like, no way, like, I’m not doing that. So, I said just do it, like, what is the worst that can happen to you? And she was like.””

And so on and so forth.


Now, multiple meanings.

That crane was a bird. The crane had to lift it up and she had to crane her neck to see the stage

His favourite fruit is a date. Tom took Louise out on a date.

Congratulations. I heard you got engaged. Or, the audience were very engaged in the performance.

They love to play in the leaves. The children don’t like it when their Father leaves for work.

What was your net gain this year? If you want to go fishing, bring a net.

The pencil has a sharp point. It’s not polite to point at people.

You are right. Turn right after the hotel.

My favourite flower is a rose. She rose from her seat.

I can type over 140 words per minute. That rests is not her type.


And then there are words that sound the same. They are pronounced the same but have a different spelling.

So, we shall look at those tomorrow and some really fun stuff to come too.


Good afternoon. Today I have Hubs dog for the day he didn’t go to work with Daddy today, Hub got picked up by taxi no trains today and Hub has the worst migraine and he has five people to interview today so it would mean that poor Little Fella would be laying down all day that he is quite used to because Hub works in an office but Hub has made his desk so there is lots of room if LF needs a stretch and he has a couple of quiet toys in his bed and sometimes a lovely member of staff takes LF out for a free run, but during interviews it would be unfair to the people getting interviewed.


So, I can hardly hear you for eight paws clip clip clipping along the wood floor and squeaky toys. Of course, as ever, they only want the toy that each other has. Why they both need the same toy, is beyond me. They have had a run around the yard and I will groom them later. My Son has a delivery coming. Another pair of swimming trunks for his holiday. Seriously, three pairs? Why? He says he is there fifteen days. And? They will dry whilst they are on him. And, they are £25 a pair. How can they charge so much for trunks?


I have booked the taxi too for our break of two nights. We are going away with our friends just to Northumberland. I can’t wait. We need to chill. And to have food cooked for us, oh it’s a treat. We will take a train but the taxi company is one I booked last time as it’s twenty minutes from the station to the place we are staying. The station we are going to is awful. The staff there well, one of them she is dreadful. Let’s say, moronic or, Very unhelpful. She certainly didn’t hew to situation and had or has no intention of doing so. Never will a person like her try to change for anyone. But we the four of us have got on trains before many times without help, just this train is always full and it’s a long journey so need to make sure we are in the right seats.


I love our blind adventures. The four of us are just so funny. We of course will have our guide dogs. But oddly enough, they can’t read seat numbers, despite what some members of the public think. Smile.


Gosh, what a night I had. Hub was really ill. A migraine mixed with his Trigeminal Neuralgia, wasn’t pretty. It was as if he was drugged. He watched TV with me, but only to keep me company as he really wasn’t in this world. He said the voices on the TV were echoing. He went to bed earlier. I told him to go much earlier, but he wouldn’t.


TN is a dreadful condition. I think it is a total disgrace the so-called specialists treat people with it as if they are mad. Like it’s psychosomatic. I do believe that stress causes it to flair up, but the wording that is used at hospitals is shocking. Very condescending. When I first met Hub, he was so much worse, he is never ever out of pain, but when we first met he told me he had been in hospitals many times with it, mind you, I’m not surprised the people he lived with then, he had no life. The bad old days.


My Son was at Shamrocks until half two this morning. So, I can’t sleep until he is home. This is why when he is away for over two weeks, I am going to be ill. When he gets home, all my loved ones are safe I breathe a sigh of relief. My whole body and that’s a lot of body, sinks into the mattress. Like a humungous “Few””


But last night was prolonged. As I lay awake worrying about my lovely lady in America, who had open heart surgery a week and a half ago, she was on breathing machines after it and developed pneumonia and last night had to have a blood clot dealt with, so, another operation. She is very strong in life, but this is tough for someone young, but she is in her eighties. I felt for her daughters too. I know what it’s like to have a Mum in hospital ill. I really believe if my poor Mum had stayed out of hospital, she would have lived longer. Mind you, she was treat really badly in there and, my Dad came so close to predicting her parting of this world a couple of weeks before he died. He said to her so seriously that she would be six months behind him, and she died five and a half months after he did.          


I have done something on FaceBook that I never do, one of those silly games you write something as your status and everyone who comments or reacts, you pass on the info. They are only allowed to write what is on the list as their status. Really, some of the options, heck. I won’t yet go into them as will spoil it for those who takes these games seriously but all night my iPhone was pinging and dinging. Haha.


I thought three or four friends would comment or react. Em. Nope. So far, nineteen.

So, I have to message all of them and copy and paste the answers they can choose from.


Dinner tonight is easy. BW eating from a box as we call it. He buys this fit food, Hub is having semi fit food, and me? Fat food. There’s really no hope for me.


I made a lovely turkey dinner last night so I will do some pasta and veg for Hub and he can have it with left over turkey. BW has his bought ready-made food. It’s freshly made, but it’s like aeroplane food, hardly any in it. He has lost so much weight. He is weight lifting and now can lift almost nineteen stone squatting where he goes down on the floor and lifts whilst standing up then back down again. 19 stone is about 12.66 kg. 266 lbs.


It can’t be good for you that, can it? I don’t like it at all. I can’t smile and be happy for him though I do try my best as I know it’s something he is very proud of.


I wish I could ask a medic what will that do for his body in time. I’m very proud he has not been tempted to take steroids. Gosh I can not believe just how many people do that. My Son and the lad he used to go with to the gym are the only two that lift weight who don’t do them. It’s disgusting. There is a bin in the changing rooms to put your needles in. Shocking, why is there not a law on it? So, my Son has his amazing body because of hard old-fashioned work, oddly enough, nothing to do with me. Haha. Though he has got my chunky long legs as his father had short legs considering his height and very skinny.


My Hub has been really cutting down on food for two weeks now and has lost 8 lbs. But he has almost been starving. Only one meal a day. Like our dogs, once every 24 hours. His willpower is amazing. So, will the last fat person in the house stand up please?

Yep, my name is Fiona and I am a biggin. Having said that, my boy told me this morning I looked beautiful. Bless. It wasn’t dark either. Haha.


OK, I’m rambling so I shall go before  you all fall a sleep. Yesterday broken records again over 760 views in one day. You all are the best. X










Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Hello to Romania, we have had 14 views from you today. Normally I don’t get more than four of five per week from your country, so, welcome any new Bloggets and I hope you come again, if you are my old faithful Bloggets, it’s great to see you again. Spain and France as well as Germany, Canada, America, Poland Australia, UK and four other countries I have noticed throughout the day.


Again, thank you so much for sharing, were racing up the numbers of views another record breaking day. Love and peace to you all.


Now, my day. Well words with my much-loved Son. It’s bad enough he puts his huge size ten shoes in our washing machine, when we have asked him so many times not to, after all, it was a total nightmare if you remember buying our electric stuff for our kitchen, oh, my, remember those blogs? I wouldn’t wish that kitchen story on anyone. I never got the pictures of before and after but I still hope to, there’s that word again, hope. Pinning my boy for more than a minute is challenging and everything I ask of him, I nag. He says. Well today I nagged again. I emptied his washing, into the dryer whilst he went to the gym to train someone. I removed, a pen and a leather belt, with a metal buckle. Think positive, no shoes. I put his second load of washing in, normally he does that all himself and he’s good but I thought I would help him…


Well, after words, I didn’t shout, I never shout, just tried to explain, it’s not him who has to struggle getting to the electric shop where we come across not too helpful people and then try to find a machine that is accessible and they are becoming few and far between. It’s Hub and myself. Things just appear here, you know, Boy Wonder goes out to enjoy himself and comes back to a perfect home. We have ulcers with the stress of it all. We sometimes do ask for help but it’s easier to not bother. Mind you, last night as Hub and I looked at this Keter box, that came in a flat pack, we basically chickened out and I did ask for help from my Son, of course it was when he had time which was three hours later so six bits of flat pack box on the living room floor but never mind, we had it right just we didn’t dare go further. Once you click it into place, it’s done there is no going back if you have made a mistake.


Our Boy came home click click click and it was done. Then the room went quiet, the silly sausage without me knowing got into the box and half closed the lid. I did laugh but then thought, hang on, he’s six feet four and 14 stone. Me new (plastic) box? Then, he couldn’t get out. Hahahahahaha. Oh no, this was going to crack and bust.


Three minutes later I managed to pull the crazy guy in the box out. Then Hub got silly and put poor little Waggatail in. She didn’t like it, I wasn’t impressed. My boys can be so immature. But it was funny when Boy Wonder got stuck.


It’s outside now, the box, not BW. Though he may be too. And it’s great I must say I’m impressed, but couldn’t have done it without our boy and that isn’t like us to quit, but we did yesterday. Amazon say you can use it as a seat/bench. Personally, I wouldn’t as it’s not reinforced. Smile, but light weights would be fine on it. You can fit loads in. We have wellington boots, a bucket and a tub of grooming items as well as a few other things and there is still room for more.


It cost £29 roughly. We got free delivery. I will put the link at the bottom.


People say it’s good to put cushions in from outside furniture as it’s waterproof. We shall see.


For VIP’s this may be of use, sounds a really good idea, though I have not had chance to check it out properly. The more it’s shared though the better I think it will be for us.






and the link for the box





Today I want to write some uplifting words that I hope will inspire you or at least make you stop what you are doing and think in a different kind of mindset to where your thoughts are right now!


Are there people out there who have no hope at all? Does such a person exist? Me personally, I have to have hope, without hope what is left? I guess those who say they don’t believe in hope, they could be the kind of people who either have everything in their world they desire, or, they are very angry people?


What I have been through in life, it would be very easy for me to have no hope at all. No faith. And there are days where I’m questioning hope and any kind of positivity. But hope is always there in the bag ready for me to pull out, brush down and revitalise!

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible”” Christopher Reeve


The next step you take in life, may be the most difficult of all, but, what if you don’t take that step, tomorrow, next year, in ten years time, you will still be where you are now and feel the same way you do now if not a little worse for being stagnant in your life. Procrastination is a great word to the ear, but the meaning of it is to not move, stand still. Sit in that same chair. It may be a chair where you feel safe, comfortable even, but all day every day for the rest of your life?


If you take that big step, it may even hurt, but try it, try it now whilst it’s fresh in your head. Just try it once, it’s exciting to see where you may go because of your moment of bravery. Nothing is impossible, if there is something you want but physically you can’t do it, think about a different way to make that important decision in your life. A leap along life each day will keep you moving and even prolong your life. You will certainly get something done that you have thought about for too long now. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone just to achieve fresh air to our world, a different view, sounds smell and feelings. Wake up and just try today.


 Fiona Cummings


“The best way to predict the future, is to create it.”” Abraham Lincoln


Where to start? What comes from our mouths, starts with our thoughts. Negative thoughts negative words, negative lives. Positive thoughts, and words must improve our lives? Even if we have to force ourselves to say words phrases or real words to real people or the best person to talk with tell positive things to, is ourselves. Scrape that barrel and find something in your life to be positive about, even if it’s as small as to know when you put your head on your pillow, you hear  peaceful surroundings. You have a warm bed, clean bedding. You have lovely soft hands, you have been able to do something today that has improved your life or someone else’s even if it’s a text to say hi to someone or pick up the phone and talk with someone you have brightened their day. You may put some flowers in a vase and make your room look pretty or achieved something at work knowing if you had not been there, it wouldn’t have got done.


Accomplishment. You did that. Now move on.

Discover, what you can, do. Go on, just try it. Tell me what you did to make you do it what pushed you. How did you feel when you were doing that what you thought would be impossible, then how did you feel when you had accomplished it?


Embrace every event in your life, remember we don’t all go out every day to work or party every weekend. We don’t all have huge family get togethers. We hear of those who do so it’s easy to feel left out, but we are not the only ones, and we choose to do what we want though may need more and if we do, then we are the drivers of our cars.

Incredible, imaginative, innovate, inspire and my favourite word for today, instantaneous!


Which leads me onto my favourite quote for today, if not for this year, and that is

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees." Henry David Thoreau


Let’s all take a walk together and it starts with our minds. Your mind! You can, you will and tomorrow, you did!





Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Well the other day, my Husband received a letter asking him to visit our local Specsavers, telling him how important it was to have good eyesight and asking him to go for an eye check-up. Yesterday he received a letter addressed to him to invite him to go to our local garage and buy a new car telling him how good he will feel driving off in a brand-new car and today I received an email asking me to enter a photography competition.

 We are both blind!


Some of you keep asking me to publish some of the groups I have been asked to join, but here are some groups on FaceBook I found by just searching, too much time on my hands obviously, I found these so funny.

Been there done that the group.

Well, I know of one person who should run that group, for sure.


Old slim worlders new weightwatchers.

What’s that large fuller figured wrinklies?

May be in a couple of years.

New Harrogate grumbler (no little Hitlers)

Well, not sure what to make of that one?


Have you heard of Bromance?

It’s when two straight men are so close that there is no time for ladies. Hahaha. Personally, I would call that deciding whether or not.


It’s still really windy here my Son has a day off so he has gone to town to buy some clothes for his holiday. I wish I could say he looks happy these days, but sadly he doesn’t. Maybe he is a little anxious for going away. He’s still young, though he has travelled many times abroad and when he went to Japan with Hub when he was fifteen, he went out for a wonderful day with a colleague of Hubs and came back to the hotel on his own. He loved it, I am glad I didn’t know at the time, Hub was in meetings and he thought our Son would be bored, so he arranged for him to tour the temples and other places of interest. He loved Japan and since then he has been abroad with friends and us, also with his girlfriend. So, it’s not his first time abroad, Shamrock is totally excited about going. I think for my boy, it’s not cultural enough where he is going. It’s more of a relaxing place. He likes architecture rather than beaches.


Not long now before Hub and I are off for a couple of nights with our friends. We are staying in a lovely cottage in the grounds of a perfect place that is very close to our hearts. It was where Hub and I went to start our honeymoon. It hopefully will be a lovely break, as it’s needed. We work all the time so just to get away will be so good. The air, that is what I need, as here it’s so bad the quality even of the water is so nasty. I shouldn’t complain, as more than enough countries have water that isn’t fit to drink. At least our water at home is. It’s just awful compared to what I am used to where I came from in my beautiful Northumberland. My Husband wants so badly to move back there. I love the people here where I live now. But, who knows our future.


So, I ordered a huge box, well I say huge, 105 cm long about 4 and a half feet long, and a couple of feet tall. Thing is, it’s flat pack. It’s for outside for our dog stuff to go in. Like brushes and other grooming things and the things to clean the dog run. I thought I could fit it but now it’s out of the box, I’m scared to as once you clip the parts into place, they are stuck and un stuckable. So now I have six bits all over my lounge floor. I won’t give up, but last time we bought what they call a barrier for our dogs to prevent them from going up stairs, it went in the bin and it wasn’t cheap. Hub lost his rag with it and smashed it up before I could get chance to look at it. It was £30 same as this box. I don’t want to loss £60 because our stupid eyes don’t work. Nothing these days makes sense. There’s nothing logic now. Years ago, things were self-explanatory, now it’s as if let’s make this as difficult as possible.  You could buy the ready-made version, but it was £80


I’m delighted to have read an email from my friend in South Africa, she is a much loved Blogget of mine too. I love her to bits, I have been so worried about her but after three weeks, she is now better. I wait like a dog waiting for a walk or treat and a child waiting for the sweet shop to open. For her emails. Today her letter was the highlight of my day, week, month.


I just have one more friend now to keep praying for.


I have written my list for Christmas for what I would like from Hub and here are a few of those things. Anything Laura Ashley and anything  Oscar de la renta volupte body lotion and perfume in same make would be great. I’m easy to buy for, Hub? Nope.


OK must dash for now, I shall await your emails and messages in other formats. I have been sent some ideas for future blogs, thank you for those. X





Over 11,000 views this month is a record. Here are the total stats of top ten only!

United Kingdom 98,025

United States 71,626

Russia 10,030

Ukraine 7,322

Germany 5,838

Canada 4,297

Australia 2,986

South Africa 1,638

France 1,487

Poland 1000,10

And thank you to all the other countries who are just surfing under the top ten. Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Spain, Italy and Mexico. And all the other countries some I have never even heard of until you started to read my blogs.  I cannot believe we have had over 200,30 thousand views. The past two weeks we have broken all records thanks to your shares and our new follower. On average this week and last, four hundred of you lovely Bloggets have read my blogs per day. Some days going up to a huge 600 plus. And when I started to write, I thought less than ten would read my random words. Total, never mind every day.


My life is writing it’s the air I breathe. My dream is to publish books, from true life to children’s stories to poetry. I speak through my words.


Thank you because of you I keep this blog going, many times I have wanted to just give it up but you write to me asking me to carry on, so this is over to you.






Whilst the winds angrily roar through our land

Nothing could stop her falling, not even a strong hand

The sky was grey

It was like doomsday

She fell revealing her past so old

Laying there helpless but bold

Were her arms so pitiful

What once were beautiful

Now broken

Her long neck choking

From the earth

Where she gave birth

Ripped roots

Looking as if kicked by boots

Feet of the devil’s work

 Those all around her no respect

Forrest fires going berserk

Now it’s time to reflect

Though debris

Is all I see

Where to start

Everything has fallen apart



An orange ball of fire in the sky

I have to ask why?

What did she do to deserve this?

As I used to pass

Each day to school

She was there to shade me from the sun

Keeping me cool

She would provide me with shelter from the rain

I hate seeing her like this

As if in so much pain

   She meant so much to me

Now a fallen tree


© Fiona Cummings